Hafez Modirzadeh




Live At The Open Gate (with Bobby Bradford)

NoBusiness Records. 2016

Open_Gate_LP.pngAvailable at:  http://nobusinessrecords.com/NBLP96.php



In Convergence Liberation.

InPi Records. 2014


Available at:



Las Orillas del Mar:


Karna Passages II:





In Convergence Liberation album cover

 Post-Chromodal Out!

Pi Records. 2012

Post Chromodal Out










Facet 19:

Interlude III:

 Available Here


Available Here 

 Radif/Suite (with Amir ElSaffar)

Pi Records. 2010











Facet 2:

 Bemsha Alegria

Disques Chromodal. 2007

bemsha alegria.2007

 Available Here

 Available Here:   

 Suryaghati (with Zaman 8)

Six Degrees Records. 2005





Disques Chromodal. 2003


 Available Here
Available Here

 By Any Mode Necessary

XDOT25. 1999

by any mode necessary.1999

 The Mystery of Sama (with Ramin Zoufonoun)

Asian Improv Records. 1997

the mystery of sama.1997

Available Here
Available Here

The Peoples Blues

XDOT25. 1996

the peoples blues.1996 

 In Chromodal Discourse

Asian Improv Records. 1993

Hafez Modirzadeh In Chromodal Discourse

Available Here

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